Adult Martial Arts Classes in Atlanta

Ready To Accelerate Your Training?

Our kung fu class is based on traditional Shaolin teachings and methods, but designed to be fun and also to contain a great workout. The class incorporates basic flexibility training, a cardiovascular workout, self-defense, and will help to increase your speed and coordination. It's a great way to get fit and focused, and increase your self-confidence. We strive to help you develop physically and mentally, offering not just physical fitness, but also a sense of well being and community. Adult Kung Fu classes are kept separate from the kids classes

At the school, you will find supportive instructors and senior students ready to welcome you into our class. Our instructors are specially picked by Master Liu based on their skills and their ability to teach. We are very proud of the environment at our school, in which everyone is supportive and we all help each other to learn and progress together in our training.

The kung fu curriculum starts with many open hand forms and basic simple self defense techniques. As you progress, the forms and defense techniques become a bit more complex, but they build upon the basic foundation of the early movements. Eventually the student will progress onto weapons and weapon fighting sets, such as the staff, broadsword, straight sword, spear and even more. Since the Shaolin temple was a "university" of martial arts, there are innumerable techniques and weapons contained in this system for our students to become proficient in.

What You'll Learn

  • Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Self Defense
  • Stronger motor skills, improved balance, increased flexibility and better coordination
  • Emphasis on the importance of a positive, can-do attitude
  • Lessons in self-respect and respect for others
  • Self-defense skills and lessons in personal safety
  • Getting a great cardio and calisthenics workout
  • Learning self awareness, intuition, and personal safety
  • Developing world-class Kung Fu skills
  • Developing strong leadership skills for life
  • Much More!!!